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Division of Education and Training


The National Cancer Center (NCC) was established in 2000 in order to help improve the health and welfare of the Korean people by lowering the rate of cancer-caused deaths and raising the quality of life for cancer patients. With a seven-floor research center and a total floor area of approximately 14,545 square meters, the NCC consists of a hospital, administrative unit, and the National Cancer Control Institute. The NCC is in charge of not only cancer research and patient care but also cancer-related education and training. For educational purposes, it is equipped with state-of-the-art international conference rooms as well as classrooms and seminar rooms, and is a popular location for medical event planners, hosting medical symposiums and events throughout the year. Some major events at the NCC include the 4th International Cancer Control Congress in 2011 and the 5th PTCOG (Particle Therapy Cooperative Group) in 2012. Please keep in mind that facility rental by outside organizations is only possible when the NCC is not currently hosting one of its own events.


TypeNameNo.No. of peopleLocationProvided equipment and services
Check-up CenterInternational
Conference Room
14108FCutting-edge audio/visual systems, electronic lecture podium, beam projection and video conferencing system, 5 wireless microphones, 4 wired microphones
Large classroom1164Cutting-edge audio/visual systems and electronic lecture podium, beam projection and video conferencing system, 3 wireless microphones, 2 wired microphones
Seminar Room118 seats (fixed),
18 seats (additinal)
21 conference microphones, beam projector, 1 wireless microphone, 1 wired microphone
Research CenterLarge Classroom1841FProjector, 2 wireless microphones, 2 wired microphones
Injae HallLarge classroom184 + 30 extra seats
in the rear
B1FProjector, 3 wireless microphones, 2 wired microphones

Special Features

Annual events are held in the eighth floor lobby of the National Cancer Control Institute, where the international conference room is located. After paying for a modest telecommunications fee, organizers may use the NCC’s video conferencing system to ensure that their international conferences are hosted as smoothly and easily as possible. Conveniences within the NCC include a mail collection office, café, convenience store, cafeteria, and bank.

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