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International Conference & Meetings2023 International Precision Medicine Center Conference

2023 International Precision Medicine Center Conference

1. Event Name

2023 International Precision Medicine Center Conference

2. Host/Organizer

Bio Open Innovation Makers Association

3. Period

2023-04-12 ~ 2023-04-12

4. Venue


5. Overview 

The event was attended by companies and researchers involved in Longevity-related businesses, providing an opportunity to explore the latest achievements in global regenerative medicine technologies. Particularly noteworthy was the presence of Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA Commissioner, who shared insights on how Korea can progress to the level of the Boston BioCluster. Among the 400 participants, there were members of the National Assembly from the Health and Welfare Committee and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, creating an opportunity to gather opinions from industry representatives for relevant industrial development. Numerous media outlets and journalists also attended, resulting in coverage of over 50 news articles. Notably, it provided a platform to promote the bio-cluster plan in Goyang City.

6. Result

Total number of participants: 409

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