GoyangCVB Newsletter - December Issue, 2021

12 Jan 2022
GoyangCVB Newsletter December Issue
December Issue #2021-06

Despite the pandemic in 2021, GoyangCVB has spent the busiest year ever. In the era of ‘With-Corona,’ Goyang City has worked hard to lead the global MICE industry as the 'Asia Leading MICE Destination' by holding Sustainable MICE as well as Goyang Destination Week 2021 centered at the Global Convention Complex GOYANG (GCC GOYANG). We proudly believe that Goyang MICE has now taken the position as a trend setter amongst global MICE issues. Then, shall we look at amazing performance of it in 2021? Follow me! 

GoyangCVB as an Independent Organization

GoyangCVB, a specialized organization for the MICE industry in Goyang City, was launched on May 4thas an independent organization. On April 2nd, Mayor Lee, Jae-Jun and other 30 officials gathered in the Disaster Situation Room of Goyang City Hall to initiate the general meeting. During the meeting, Mayor Lee, Jae-Jun was unanimously elected as Chief Director of GoyangCVB while both Han, Chan-Hee, Director of Job & Economy in Goyang City, and Park, Jong-Gun, Vice President of KINTEX, were appointed as Executive Director. Kim, Chun-Chu, Head of Korea MICE Association, Lee, Seung-Hun, Head of Korea Exhibition Organizers Association, Yoon, Yu-Sik, Professor of Kyunghee University and Head of Korea MICE Tourism Society, and KIM, Bae-Ho, Branch manager of Korea Tourism Organization in Seoul and Incheon, were appointed as Commissioned Director. as well Their term of office is three years.

Chief Director and Mayor Lee, Jae-Jun was unable to hide his expectations by saying, “GoyangCVB would contribute to growing of the MICE industry in Goyang City to develop as the Asia MICE Leading MICE Destination.”Goyang CVB is currently making efforts to play a significant role to create an ecosystem for the local MICE industry by carrying forward businesses through promotion of the MICE industry in Goyang city and activation of the local economy. In addition, GoyangCVB is working hard to actively attract, discover and support domestic and foreign MICE events that would lead the strategic industry of Goyang City. It also helps foster qualified manpower and discover competent MICE companies to create a sustainable industrial ecosystem for Goyang citizens. Don’t forget 'Asia MICE Leading MICE Destination' Goyang!

Int'l Destination Competitiveness Forum 2021 'Trend Setter'

International Destination Competitiveness Forum 2021 (IDCF 2021), Asia’s first international conference on MICE destination, was successfully held this year while playing an important role in global MICE issues and being positioned as the ‘trend setter of the MICE industry.’ The event was held at the KINTEX Grand Ballroom on August 25thand 26thas a hybrid event under the theme of 'MICE, Reboot the City!' More than 500 people from 40 countries in the fields of the city marketing and MICE industry around the world gathered together. IDCF 2021 is hosted by Goyang City and organized by GoyangCVB. In the keynote speech, Jeffrey Sachs, Chief Professor of Columbia University whose studies focus on humankind’s poverty and sustainable development as a critical intellectual, said, “In the era of the post-pandemic, online MICE market will not disappear. Korea’s IT technological prowess and MICE know-how would help lead the global market in the MICE industry.”

On August 26th, the Asia Destination Round Table, a specialized conference for destination marketing, and the GDSM Asia Pacific Forum, a professional conference for sustainability, were held in the morning and afternoon respectively. As such, many presentations and workshops were held successfully during the event. In particular, both the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDSI-Index) were held in cooperation. Due to these constituting events, it is now renowned among global experts and officials in the MICE industry for its best performance as the MICE-focused international conferenceI can’t wait to see what trend  International Destination Competitiveness Forum 2022 would lead in the year of 2022. 

Goyang City, Asia's No. 1 in GDS-Index

Goyang City ranked 4thin Asia Pacific and 1stin Asia according to the Global Destination Sustainability Index(GDS-Index) in 2021, confirming its status as a true MICE city. Goyang City ranked 4thin Asia Pacific followed by Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. In addition, it took the first ranking among Asian cities followed by Sapporo in Japan (5th), Sarawak of Malaysia and Bangkok in Thailand (7th). 

The GDS-Index shows that Goyang City has a total of 68 parks including the large Artificial Lake Park, Ecological Park, Cultural Park, Wetland Park and others in an effort to expand green areas and integrate environmental activities with Digital Goyang to grow into Korea’s representative green city. The city has a bicycle-sharing system with more than 3,000 bicycles and 148 bicycle stations since 2010. In particular, KINTEX, Korea’s largest exhibition and convention center, plays a key role to practice sustainable MICE. In 2011, the Green Business Management was presented to establish its mid to long-term plans. KINTEX is designed to use renewable energy with recycled solar power and rainwater. More than 5,000 tons of rainwater is reused for bathrooms, fountains, ponds and horticulture every year. These efforts help reduce annual energy costs by 1 million dollars and 4,000 tons of green energy gas. In addition, event organizers are encouraged to use eco-friendly and reusable booths to minimize waste.

An official of Goyang City said, “Goyang stands as Korea’s No.1 smart city with its IoT technology to monitor air pollution, biomass and even odors. We will continue to work hard to make Goyang City a sustainable city to grow into the most dynamic and livable city.” Please keep an eye out for Goyang in becoming the 'Sustainable MICE Capital of Korea'.

Trustworthy GoyangCVB with its Accumulation of Awards

GoyangCVB has been leading the domestic and foreign MICE industry with creative ideas. It has spent the year of 2021 with a good reputation at home and abroad. In the Asia Pacific MICE Business Festival 2021(APMBF 2021) held in the Ulsan Exhibition & Convention Center on April 29thand 30th, the organization received the MICE Achievement Award(Group). The Korea MICE Association hosted the APMBF 2021 also recognized GoyangCVB's devoted efforts and passion for development of Korea’s MICE industry and the association. 

In the Korea MICE Awards held at the Daejeon Convention Center on December 7thand 8th, GoyangCVB received the presidential award of Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) in two categories; ‘Excellent MICE Supporters’ and ‘Excellent MICE Alliance.’ In fact, it received the award ‘Excellent MICE Supporters’ for five consecutive years. The people were particularly amazed by the first middle-aged supporter who received the grand award. Winner Ahn, Jin-Young is continuously involving in various activities as a graduate of the 4thmiddle-aged operator of the Goyang MICE Alliance. Goyang MICE Alliance is now recognized for its efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the local MICE industry and create an ecosystem for sustainable MICE through active cooperation with the MICE industry. 

Meanwhile, Supporting Manager Ahn, Jung-Hee in charge of attracting and hosting of Goyang CVBreceived the award from the Governor of Gyeonggi Province for her contribution to fostering the MICE industry in Gyeonggi Province. General Director of GoyangCVB, Peter Lee said, “Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, I’m very delighted to receive the awards in a row. I would like express my gratitude to Goyang City and members of Goyang MICE Alliance who have provided active support and cooperation along with my colleagues who achieve this amazing accomplishment together.”

In 2022, GoyangCVB will be...

In the new year of 2022, GoyangCVB will put more effort into creating an ecosystem for the MICE industry in Goyang City. Through this, it plans to produce more practical effects. The promotion strategy of Goyang MICE 2022 covers three areas; contribution to the local economy, promotion of mid to long-term plans, and reinforcement of brand competitiveness. In addition, GCC GOYANG will take a central role to induce practical effects on start-ups, business development and job creation through the advancement of the MICE industry in Goyang City in order to contribute to the local economy. In addition, it will pursue key tasks and implementation plans of the ‘2ndmid to long-term promotion plan in Goyang City (2019-2023)’ in an effective manner. Above all, in preparation for the ‘With-Corona era’ in the ‘first year of change and innovation,’ it will devote all its energy into strengthening of Goyang’s brand and MICE industry as an international MICE city. Let’s take a sustainable step with Goyang MICE! Let’s Goyang๐Ÿ˜ป!

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