GoyangCVB Newsletter - November Issue, 2021

12 Jan 2022
GoyangCVB Newsletter November Issue
November Issue #2021-05

GoyangCVB & KINTEX Agreement to Promote Mutual Cooperation

GoyangCVB(Chief Director Jaejoon Lee) signed a business agreement with KINTEX on October 19 at Exhibition Hall 1(Room 309B) of KINTEX to promote mutual cooperation for the development of the city’s MICE industry. GoyangCVB will provide administrative and financial support for the events hosted by or held in KINTEX, run MICE Information Desk for visitors, and publish a manual for organizers on sustainable events. KINTEX will hire middle-aged MICE workers trained by the Bureau, organize sustainable events, and participate in related campaigns. They will also run the Incubator for the MICE Industry which provides a workspace for qualified MICE companies, and actively utilize and advertise the MICE Information Desk. With the complete construction of KINTEX’s Exhibition Hall 3 scheduled to open at 2025, it has decided to work together with GoyangCVB to attract global events, revitalize the international conference complex, and expand tourism infrastructure. Jonggeun Park, Vice Head of KINTEX’s Business Department, Sangyeol Lee, General Director of GoyangCVB, Geonsang Yoon, Head of Strategy and Industry Department of Goyang City, and Moonsik Kim, Leader of the MICE Industry Team attended at the signing ceremony.

General Director Lee said, “MICE companies and infrastructure providers in Goyang such as City Hall and KINTEX have to work together to create a sound ecosystem. I believe that GoyangCVB and KINTEX will be able to come up with more systematic cooperation plans through this agreement, contributing to the development of the city’s MICE industry.” Vice Head Park also said, "I think KINTEX, which is a critical asset of Goyang, and GoyangCVB, which is fully dedicated to the MICE industry, are like one family. I hope that the two will pioneer the future by jointly attracting and hosting major events. Their active cooperation will make the city become a global MICE hub.” Department Head Yoon added, "Going forward to 2025, Goyang will show enormous potential and influence on the back of the opening of Goyang Techno Valley, CJ Live City, and GTX line." The agreement is of particular significance in that it will help to expand the foundation and strengthen competitiveness through increased cooperation between GoyangCVB and KINTEX, driving active exchanges and practical cooperation. 

Now the Bureau is promoting various projects to support the city’s MICE infrastructure and companies including KINTEX. For example, it is trying to revitalize the Global Convention Complex Goyang(GCC Goyang), Korea’s first international conference complex run by a local government while providing lots of facilities and services for event participants by linking accommodation, large-scale shopping, performance hall, and theme park nearby KINTEX.

Sustainability Campaign, Offsetting Tons of Carbon Emissions

On November 5, GoyangCVB launched a sustainability campaign to keep trees around KINTEX alive in the winter, as part of their efforts to promote sustainable development of the MICE industry without damaging the environment, which can be achieved by reducing paper use, hiring local residents, providing local food and revitalizing the local economy. About 70 people joined this campaign, including the citizens, public officials from Goyang and Ilsanseo-gu, employees of KINTEX and GoyanCVB, and member companies of Goyang MICE Alliance. They paired up to fertilize about 2,300 trees in KINTEX Waterside Park, offsetting about 27,000 tons of carbon emissions. Kicheol Jin (resident in Songpo-dong), who participated in the campaign, said, “I was able to understand why the Bureau promotes ‘sustainable development of the MICE industry’. As a citizen, I will continue to join this campaign and contribute to boosting the city’s MICE industry.” 

GoyangCVB became the first city to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-I) in 2017 with a recognition of the necessity for sustainability efforts. It has continued activities for the last five years, carrying out a variety of projects to improve the city’s sustainability level in the environment, society, MICE facilities, and Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). Especially this year, it has achieved 60% of its annual target, earning the title as ‘the most sustainable destination in Asia'. General Director Lee said, “Sustainability means achieving economic growth and social contribution while minimizing environmental pollution. I hope that this campaign serves as a great opportunity for Goyang to make practical efforts to promote sustainability of the MICE industry as well as the entire city.”

Autumn Concert Held to Promote 'Goyang MICE Information Desk'

In front of Hall 4 of KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 was filled with beautiful melody of autumn songs played at a small concert hosted by GoyanCVB with the title of ‘Enjoy the Abundance of Autumn with GoyangCVB’ for an audience of about 100 citizens and visitors. All eyes and ears were attentive with the surprise of these concerts. It was to promote and vitalize ‘Goyang MICE Information Desk’ in KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1&2, which provide visitors with information on MICE facilities, tourism, accommodation and restaurants and offers booking services. The moment when a pop group ‘Greennarae’ and Korean fusion band ‘Lafinece’ started their performance, the audience was left speechless by the beauty of the music. The Second performance was composed with 'Goyang Chamber Orchestra' and performances by Goyang Arts High School students.

One of the audience members said, “MICE Information Desk is useful not only for visitors to KINTEX, but also for the citizens to get information about accommodation, food and beverage, and tourist attractions, etc. I hope that this concert will serve as a great opportunity to advertise and promote its wider use. I look forward to the future development of the city’s MICE industry.” General Director Lee said, “Now is the time for the MICE industry to overcome COVID-19 and bounce back. I hope that citizens, KINTEX visitors, and event participants will enjoy the convenient one-stop services offered by the desk.” Moreover, GoyangCVB, Goyang Arts High School, and the Goyang Choreographers Association signed a mutual cooperation in order to develop the MICE and cultural industry of Goyang City. Please look forward to our collaboration!

Completion Ceremony of Goyang MICE Friends

The completion ceremony for the ‘4th MICE Professional Supporters Program’, which provides unemployed or retired middle-aged citizens with training opportunities for a new career, was held on November 11 at Namgung Multi-purpose Hall (Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si). GoyangCVB started this project in 2017 for the first time as a Korean convention bureauand has produced a total of 80 alumni so far. In April, it selected 18 middle-aged citizens who are interested in the MICE industry for the 4th vocational program. They participated in five basic and practical sessions each of which lasts for two hours, learning what the MICE industry is about, convention bureaus’ role, and how to plan conventions and exhibitions. Then they sought a job opportunity through one-on-one consulting for employment and startup launch. In addition, they were given a chance to accumulate experience by working as staff at various MICE events held in Goyang. While working at Goyang MICE Information Desk, they provided visitors with information on MICE facilities, nearby tourist attractions, and food and beverage establishments and made reservations for them upon request.

In particular, the 4th Program alumni were so passionate that every student met the graduation requirement of ‘80% or higher attendance.’ A special award was granted to three particularly outstanding students who showed strong passion and motivation. One of the award winners Jaegeun Son said, “Thinking about my career after retirement as a professor of Tourism Department, I came to know about the city’s MICE Professional Vocational Program. While joining the program, I was deeply satisfied with the quality education and the opportunity for practical work experience.” General Director Lee said, “Event organizers appreciated the active participation of the 4th program alumni. Going forward, I will continuously put my best efforts to provide them with opportunities to participate in various MICE events.” Even after graduation, all alumni are joining as staff in many MICE events held in Goyang. The 5th program application will be open through the GoyangCVB website around next Spring. Your active participation will be greatly appreciated.

OPENERDOC, Opportunities to Pioneer Uncharted Territory

OPENERDOC is a combination of ‘open’, which implies opening a relationship between people, and the suffix ‘er’, which refers to a person who performs a specified action. It basically means a person who actively opens up opportunities to pioneer uncharted territory and meet new people. OPENERDOC seeks to become a place full of creative ideas, which lead to new paths and networks. It is a dedicated international conference organizer that retains experts in many different fields who plan, organize, and design events as well as analyze client insights for a successful review.

OPENERDOC  is going to hold and organize ‘the 1st Global AI Summit 2021’ in Hall 4 of KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 from Thursday, November 25 to Friday, November 26, 2021, which is a global conference aiming to discuss domestic and overseas trends in AI development and explore opportunities for the co-existence of technology and humans. You will be able to network with people and get inspiration for technology cooperation and sustainable MICE in the event. Your active participation will be appreciated. 
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