[Goyang CVB Main project of 2023] Looking back at Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau in 2023

30 Nov 2023


Great work everyone in the year 2023, the year in which the COVID-19 pandemic effectively ended and the world moved into an endemic. MICE trends domestically and internationally have fluctuated between the pandemics and endemics. Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau was also trying to fight the wave of changes. In order to revitalize the Goyang MICE industry, we laid the groundwork for growth and constantly communicated with the local MICE industry, research institutes, and administrative agencies to find solutions together. As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at 2023 and are preparing for a strong new year in 2024. Let’s see the path that Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau has walked in 2023!


“Starting a second life in MICE” Goyang mid- and senior-level MICE professionals training program

Goyang Special City is implementing the “Middle-aged MICE Professional Training Program” for middle-aged people between the ages of 40 to 70. Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau, the city’s dedicated organization for the MICE industry, became the first convention bureau organization in Korea to launch the project in 2017. It is a project that creates job thorough the MICE industry and enhances the self-sufficiency and sustainable competitiveness of the MICE industry by educating middle-aged and elderly people on the theory and practice of MICE industry while providing them with opportunities for reemployment. Trainees complete basic and practical training in the MICE industry for a total of 6 sessions (3 hours per session), and can enter the MICE industry through 1:1 psychological counseling and speech consulting with professional consultants. Mr. A, a 59-year-old former corporate executive who was accepted into 6th class this year said, “I’m happy to be able to contribute to the promotion of Goyang MICE and to build my second life.” We hope to that we bring more mid-aged manpower to MICE next year!


Benefit only given at Goyang! “Get support from MICE experts”

There are many perks to hosting a MICE event in Goyang, but having access to MICE professionals is something that is hard to find in other MICE cities. Moreover, they are middle-aged people in their 40-60s who live in or near Goyang and have completed the MICE professional training program provided by the Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau. We cover up to 50% of labor costs for up to 10 people per event. We have over 100 professionals who are ready to work on any MICE events. Goyang MICE professionals are divided into △middle-aged group and △youth group. However, you will only be eligible for 50% labor cost if you use middle-aged professionals. They are all fluent in foreign language and have experience in related work or in MICE operations. Please apply through [the Goyang MICE Support Application System]  >>at least 3 weeks in advance<<  before you host your event. Oh, by the way, this program has come to an end for this year, so please stay tuned for next year~!


Take a MICE tour on “MICE Shuttle Bus”!…Goyang City opens its first ever MICE shuttle bus “for free”

Goyang Special City is probably the one with the most “first” title among MICE cities in Korea. Another “all-time first” was written back in August. The MICE shuttle started its operation! Let’s celebrate with a round of applause!!!! The MICE shuttle bus is a “free” shuttle that departs from KITEX Exhibition Hall 2 and travles through GCC Goyang (Goyang Internatioanl Conference Complex) to Ilsan Lake Park and Lafesta, taking in all of Goyang’s iconic MICE attractions. Inspired by the trolley buses (trackless trolley) of San Fransisco, USA, it’s a 45-seat bus converted for sightseeing rather than fast travel. It’s a slow ride, around 30km per hour, but it’s fun to take pictures of the scenery of Goyang through the large windows. Goyang MICE Shuttle slowly travels from Exhibition Hall 1 – K-Tree Hotel – Sono Calm Goyang – One Mount – Ilsan Lake Park – Lafesta in order, taking about an hour round trip. The shuttle departs every hour, so please be sure to check the timetable!


“Splendid achievement” of Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau who received consecutive awards for “ESG practice”

In November, Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau won the Korea Tourism Organization President’s Award in the “ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Practices” category at the 21st Korea MICE Awards, followed by a gold prize for “Best ESG Practices” for its eco-friendly pavilion at the “Korean MICE Expo 2023 (KME 2023)“! Bureau has been practicing ESG with the slogan of ”Goyang Special City, the sustainable MICE capital of Korea“. In 2017, we became the first Korean city to join a global MICE sustainability city council called ”GSDM“ and have been participating in annual sustainability assessments. Out of more than 100 participating cities this year, the city’s sustainability efforts in four areas – environment, social, supply chain, and a dedicated city marketing organization – have helped us rank first in the Asian-Pacific region and 14th globally. At KME 2023, Bureau also stood out by renting everything instead of using a waste-generating pavilion, and using upcycled products for the event, such as consultation tables and chairs made from salvaged wood or post-event waste. Bureau will not be letting up on our ”ESG in action“ basis and stance in the new year. What matters is the indomitable ESG.

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