[Goyang CVB project] Attention to MICE organizers! “GCC GOYANG” at a glance released

30 Nov 2023

"Leap into GCC GOYANG”, a guidebook that provides at-a-glance overview of the Goyang International Conference Complex, has been published. This is an introductory booklet for organizers and participants who are planning an event or want to hold an event in GCC GOYANG. As can be seen rom the subtitle “Fall in the charm of new MICE”, it summarizes the MICE infrastructure and services that can only be experienced in the Goyang International Conference Complex.

 ▲ A cover of the GCC Goyang guide book (Leap into GCC GOYANG) 

We’ll start with the introduction of GCC GOYANG for those who are still unfamiliar with it. GCC GOYANG (Goyang International Conference Complex) is the first MICE complex to be designated by a local government, and is a brand of MICE complexes centered in KINTEX, the largest exhibition and convention facility in Korea, with major facilities such as accommodation, shopping, food and beverage, and performances all in one place. MICE clusters consist of professional meeting facilities and convergence centers, providing a one-stop solution for MICE organizers and participants to enjoy everything related to MICE in one location.

The guidebook provides an easy-to-understand overview of △GCC GOYANG’s history and introduction △projected promoted by Goyang City △MICE support services △MICE infrastructures (conference, exhibition, convergence facilites, unique venues, ect.) △Goyang MICE Alliance △Goyang MICE Training Center △Goyang middle-aged MICE specialist business △team building programs △tourist attractions and △transportation.


Especially considering that it’s not a quick read with around 100 pages, we’ve included a separate appendix, the “GOYANG MICE Guide”, so that organizers can selectively compile it according to the type of event they wish to hold.


“What kind of event are you organizing? Follow the arrows to answer each question. Based on your answers, we’ll help you to plan your event.” 

 ▲A part of the GOYANG MICE Guide-Team Building Program Recommendation 

(Example) Recommended destinations for “Tours”

①What is the purpose of the tour? (Choose from ② or ③, chooses ③ to explore and learn about different cultures and historical places

③What are you more interested in at the destination (Choose from ⑤ or ⑦, chooses ⑦ to learn about unique products and objects in each area)

 → ⑦What kind of souvenirs would you like to take home? (Out of C and D type, chooses D type to learn about speciality foods in the area)

※Type D: Kawaji Rice Seed Baking Class (experiential team-building program)

  In the example above, you were recommended with Kawaji Rice Seed Baking Class, which can be found in the guide book (p. 77), where you can see at a glance the size of the event, theme, duration of the experience, and suitable groups, along with a photo image.

 ▲ GCC Goyang Guide-book(Leap into GCC GOYANG)  77P.

Not only does the guide help you in finding the purpose of the event and the detailed program that organizers and participants want, the guide also allows you to get event consulting by simply submitting your preferred event type, number of events per year, meeting time, expected number of audiences, and key customer targets to the Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Wouldn’t you be able to organize the event that you want, on the date you want, in style at GCC Goyang if you read the guidebook carefully? Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau will also be on hand to help your MICE event to turn out as a success. Wow, what a gift this guidebook is!


I’ll have to try some of the event planned for new year of 2024 at GCC GOYANG. 

Where did I place my guidebook... Oh, right! You could download it as a PDF file from the archive of the Goyang Convention Bureau website

First, I need to watch the  “GCC Goyang Brand Promotion Video. Let’s go see it before it goes down!

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