[Goyang CVB project] “2023 Contents Universe Korea”, the first ever 72-hour non-stop international conference

30 Nov 2023

[On-Site] “2023 Contents Universe Korea”, the first ever 72-hour non-stop international conference

▲Hackathon competition held at 'Content Universe Korea 2023 (CUK 2023)' 

 Have you ever experienced a non-stop international conference that lasted 72 hours over two days and three nights? At Contents Universe Korea 2023 (CUK 2023), held at KINTEX on NovembeR 9-12, we made such a conference possible! Participants camped out in 700 tents around the conference center and worked around the clock to attend this international conference. They literally attended lectures and meetings as soon as they woke up. CUK 2023 participants made history in Korean MICE by completing an international conference that had never been done before, even though it was the first of its kind.


 Participants at CUK 2023 were able to explore different planets in the universe and were able to learn a variety of information about AI and contents. Various sessions were held simultaneously under the theme of “AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology Meets K-Content“. Each session was named after a planet, such as Neobase or Aurora, to add to the sense of exploration. With 1680 attendees, 58 speakers, 39 lectures, and 3 competitions (with 73 entries), Hall 7B of KINTEX 2 Exhibition Hall was alive with various activities, just like a microcosm of the universe. A tent was set up in one corner of the show floor to house the participants, and they would move in and out of the tent to attend different sessions.


▲ "Content Universe Korea 2023 (CUK 2023)" on-site. There is a tent zone where participants will stay for two nights and three days on one side of the exhibition hall.

 Co-hosted by Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau, Opener District of Creativity, and eDaily, CUK2023 was an event to discuss the future of convergent content businesses using AI (artificial intelligence) technology. The Web 3.0 era of digitalization, intelligentization, and personalization has brought about a wide variety of convergence business and customized solutions.


 Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Goyang Special City, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Creative Content Agency, KCISA, and other leading organizations in the AI and K-content industry, a total of more than 40 programs were “fully operational” for 72 hours over three days.


 An international conference wouldn’t be much fun if it was just full of meetings. CUK 2023 was non-stop with talks (keynotes and thematic lectures), talk show, workshops, competitions, events, and exhibitions moving between the main stage (Aurora) and sub-stages (Neobase, Ieda, and Techporia).


 On the first day of the event, the 9th, the keynote lectures were delivered by Dong-jin Ko, former CEO of Samsung Electronics, and Ki-chan Kim, President of the World Federation of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (a professor at Catholic University of Korea), who kicked off with the theme of “Why we challenge”. Professor Han-woo Park of Yeungnam University and Sang-hee Jeong, Managing Director of SAP Korea, continued with lectures on topics such as storytelling and AI ethics. In talk show, Dong-whan Ki, CEO of Sampro TV, Kun-bok Lee, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Korea, Se-woong Chung, Google Cloud Engineer, and Steve Chung, CEO of Parallax Studio, enthralled the participants with topics on startup investment, the generative AI craze, and the use of AI in K-pop and film.


▲ Steve Jung CEO of Parallax Studios is hosting a talk show titled 'Redefining the Attraction of Cinema : Innovation in Digital Art and Movie Concept Design.'

 Second day was the culmination of CUK 2023. The largest amount of programs on this day heated up the venue. Over 20 programs on the topics of realistic content, how to converge content and technology, and sustainable growth strategies for the K-content craze ran for 12 hours from 10am to 10pm.


 Toss Team leader Seung-gun Lee delivered a keynote lecture on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Management,” while Jung-woo Gil, director of the Korea National University of Arts and Sciences Development Foundation, and media content expert , author Ga-young Noh presented on “Charms of K-content, the new soft power industry”. The main lecture was given by cultural critic Deok-hyun Jung, who is well known in the field of K-content, and Treasure Hunter CEO, Jae-ryong Song.


 Talk show hosted by fashion designer Sang-bong lee and the TikToker Dew Sisters (Young-joo Heo and Jeong-joo Heo), who have 6.4 million followers, and the cast of JTBC’s “Non Summit,” including Julian Quintart, Ilya Belyakov, JZahid Hussain, and Przemyslaw Krompiec, the panelists kept the participants on their toes with their witty remarks.

▲ The "DJ Night" program that was held on stage in Aurora stage

 On the last day, the 11th, Adam Smith, CEO of Mount Royal Film, and Hye-min Joo, Director of the Pinkfong Company, delivered keynote lectures on the topic of “K-Content is K-Brand”. Representatives from the beauty industry, including Ji-woo Song, CEO of Jiwoo Company, and A-ram Baek, CEO of Nuri House, presented a talk show on the topic of “asking the future of K-beauty”.


 There were also workshops throughout the three days to share tips and tricks from the field. Jung-hyun Kwon, CEO of The New Gray, Hyung-seok Koo, CEO of Loater Corporation, and Min-ji Hong, PD of SBS Digital News Lab with 1.95 million subscribers, shared their content creation secrets. Workshops ranging from understanding service robots and robotic communication to how to write an IR investment proposal broadened participants’ options.


 One of the university student participant stated, “Artificial intelligence will play a leading role in all fields in the future, and through three days of non-stop sessions, I was able to understand what competitive content is.” He also left a review stating, “I feel like the future, which was so vague, is now in front of us with more clarity.”


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