[Goyang MICE Alliance] Introduction of new member companies in 2023 (DNIC)

18 Sep 2023

Keeping up with trends that change every day is easier said than done, especially when applying the know-how accumulated through years of industry experience to new trends. Ultimately, you have to look for clues in cooperating with other sectors. Many Goyang MICE Alliance members are trying to follow the new trends through such attempts and efforts.

DNIC (CEO Jisu Yoo), which has expanded from a staffing agency to an event operation agency, succeeded in developing its own recruitment solution dedicated to hiring MICE professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Geumgang Media Company (CEO Sangjun Kim), which has accumulated over 30 years of know-how in producing business cards, prints, and banners, joined the Goyang MICE Alliance to prepare for the changing demands and be fully prepared for a new beginning.

Armed with extensive experience and know-how in different fields, what direction are these two companies heading? Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau interviewed them.

"We’re a specialized event operation management agency with long-standing know-how and infrastructure...will focus on promoting the self-developed MICE recruitment solution"

Jisu Yoo, CEO of DNIC

-What kind of company is DNIC?

“Started as a staffing agency, we are an event operation management agency providing various support services and planning related to MICE event management, such as staffing, training, and event planning. We are moving forward as a company with both a solid infrastructure and know-how accumulated through various experiences.”

-Which project are you focusing on this year?

“Last year, we developed our own recruitment solution for MICE professionals internally. In the second half of the year, we plan to utilize this solution and focus on actively promoting it to expand talent discovery and infrastructure building in the MICE industry.”


-Why did you join the Goyang MICE Alliance?

“We joined the Alliance to actively leverage Goyang’s MCE industry fostering policies and support systems and to promote our company and improve our work efficiency.”

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving into the Goyang MICE Incubator with the Alliance?

“Our employees use the Incubator when they have business in Goyang. It is advantageous in increasing work efficiency, but it is an open space, so there is some inconvenience coming from the noise.”

-What activities do you plan to carry in the Goyang MICE Alliance? Do you have any expectations for member companies and the Bureau?

“I hope there will be many success stories of business cooperation between the members. I also hope the Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau becomes the center of success for the members.”



-CEO: Jisu Yoo

-Business type: Service

-Address: 1406, 21 Yangpyeong-ro 22-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 

(Yangpyeong-dong 5-ga, Sunyudo Kolon Digital Tower)

-Contact: 02-325-8982




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