[Goyang CVB project] “Starting a second life in MICE” Goyang’s middle-aged MICE professional training program

2 May 2023

“Starting a second life in MICE” 
Goyang’s middle-aged MICE professional training program

“Mr. Shin Yonggwan (59, Male), who had retired after working for 30 years in sales, planning, and marketing, was browsing the city hall website when he stumbled upon the recruitment announcement for the middle-aged MICE professional training project. Although the word MICE industry was unfamiliar to him, he realized before long that it referred to the area he had been working in all his life. He applied without hesitation and was accepted into the sixth class of trainees in 2023. “I thought it was an opportunity to continue my career as it was an extension of my previous work,” said Shin. “I am happy to contribute to promoting Goyang MICE while also setting the stepping stone for my second life. “


Did you know that Goyang Special City is conducting a project to train middle-aged MICE professionals? Since 2017, Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau, an organization dedicated to the MICE industry in Goyang, has been conducting the “Middle-aged MICE Professional Training Program” for the first time among convention bureau organizations in Korea. The program was launched to provide reemployment opportunities for middle-aged to senior citizens between the ages of 40 and 70 by educating them on the theory and practice of the MICE industry. It plays a crucial role in creating jobs in the MICE industry and supporting the self-sufficiency and sustainable competitiveness of the Goyang MICE industry.


△ The site of the inauguration ceremony for middle-aged MICE professionals in Goyang city 

This year’s sixth class of 21 trainees was selected on April 18th after about two weeks of application from the 4th to the 16th of the same month. The trainees range from former public servants, executives of large corporations, CEOs of private companies, and management of NGOs to cram school instructors and homemakers who are looking for new jobs after retirement or career discontinuity. The trainees receive basic and practical training in the MICE industry over six sessions (3 hours per session) and explore job and start-up opportunities in the sector through 1:1 psychological counseling and speech consulting with professional consultants. The entire training program consists of ▲MICE industry education lectures ▲psychological counseling and speech consulting ▲MICE infrastructure facilities tours ▲participation in work experience programs ▲certificate of completion issuance (program attendance rate of 80% or more) ▲outstanding participant award, and ▲opportunities to work at the Goyang MICE information desk and as event operator.


This year’s participants will attend lectures based on field experiences by current experts in the MICE industry, including Director General Lee Sangyeol of Goyang CVB (MICE overview and characteristics), Director Kim Yongwu of KINTEX Exhibition Strategy Office (basic MICE concepts), CEO Lee Hyeongju, CEO of Venue Consulting (city and venue promotion and marketing), Director Lee Changhyeon of Exhibition & Convention Institute (MICE and tourism), CEO Ma Songhee of Pines Communications (MICE services), and Associate Researcher Kim Eunjin of Goyang Research Institute (sustainable MICE).


As “citizen participation” is a crucial part of the project, the training program is wide open to residents of Goyang as well as residents of neighboring cities who can commute to Goyang. So the active participation of middle-aged citizens is essential. Goyang CVB has steadily fostered professionals of the Goyang MICE industry through this project and graduated a total of 100 middle-aged professionals by the fifth class in 2022. In particular, middle-aged supporters have won the Korea MICE Award’s Outstanding Supporters category for “two consecutive years” since 2021, which is the only record in the nation. Mr. Sohn Jaegeun, a graduate of the fourth class, also received a citation from the Mayor of Goyang for his contributions to the MICE industry.


△ The site of the inauguration ceremony for middle-aged MICE professionals in Goyang city

As such, the training program for middle-aged MICE professionals can enhance visitors’ experience of Goyang MICE events by providing high-quality MICE services and improving the city’s brand image to attract and host more events. Director General Lee Sangyeol of Goyang CVB explained, “There are many middle-aged citizens in Goyang with rich experience and excellent abilities. We started this (training) program to create opportunities for them to participate in Goyang’s MICE industry.” He added, “We look forward to active participation from passionate middle-aged citizens, and we will continue to work hard to create a diverse working environment and a MICE legacy,” expressing his deep trust in the middle-aged MICE workforce.

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