[Goyang CVB project] 'Asia Pacific MICE Business Festival 2023', where “The global MICE destination Goyang” was widely publicized

2 May 2023

 'Asia Pacific MICE Business Festival 2023', where 
“The global MICE destination Goyang” was widely publicized

“Asia Pacific MICE Business Festival 2023” (hereinafter APMBF), a leading MICE event that suggests a vision for the Korean MICE industry, was held from April 20th to 21st at the Changwon Convention Center. Organized by the Korea MICE Association (Chairman Shin Hyeondae), the event was attended by numerous domestic and international MICE-related companies and organizations. The theme of this year’s APMBF was “End to And, MICE to Infinity,” which represents the infinite expansion of the Korean MICE industry. Starting with an exhibitor and organizer consultation on the first day, the event featured a variety of programs, including a keynote speech, opening ceremony, award ceremony for outstanding members and contributors, and networking dinner.


△ The site of the opening ceremony of APMBF where the keynote lecture is being held

The keynote speaker was Chairman Gil Jeongwoo of Lotus Creative. Mr. Gil is an expert who has served as a representative of the Davos Forum Korea Council, a member of the 19th National Assembly, and an editorial writer for the JoongAng Ilbo. He defined the recent global market as a “Glocal era” where borders disappeared due to accelerated digital transformation and proliferation of content. He then presented the conditions and strategies for a scalable MICE industry, garnering great responses from the participants.


Also, in the exhibition that was held throughout the event period, more than 50 companies and organizations from all sectors of the MICE industry participated to exchange the latest information. Those entities included PCOs, PEOs, and DMCs (planning sector), local governments, DMOs, CVBs, and overseas tourism organizations (attraction sector), as well as convention centers, hotels, and unique venues (venue sector), and MICE systems, equipment, IT, protocols, and transportation (service sector).


△ Goyang Convention Bureau is participating in APMBF and is in consultation with buyers regarding event attraction 

Of course, the Goyang Convention Bureau (hereinafter Goyang CVB) also participated in APMBF and introduced various projects unique to Goyang to become the world’s top MICE city. In particular, at the MICE organizers’ consultation session, Goyang CVB closely exchanged information - including the support system for bidding and hosting MICE events - with representatives of 10 academies and associations such as the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association and the K-Medical Tourism Association. In addition to introducing global-level infrastructure and support systems such as “sustainable city for MICE” and “safe city,” Goyang CVB made efforts to attract future MICE events by promoting Goyang Special City as a MICE destination.


On the second day of the event, Session 1 “Successful Branding Strategies (Utilizing Fandom with Rebranding)” provided know-how on the city and regional marketing and MICE event branding, while Session 2 “Solutions to issues faced by K-MICE” discussed countermeasures against four challenges faced by the domestic MICE industry: workforce, high prices, digital transformation, and ESG practices.


The final program of the event was the “Gyeongnam Unique Tour.” The tour went through four courses of Changwon (Odong-dong Agujjim Alley → Moonshin Art Museum → Marine Drama Set), Sacheon (Samcheonpo Yonggung Seafood Market → KAI Korea Aerospace Industries), Sancheong (Namsa Yedamchon Village → World Traditional Medicine & Anti-aging EXPO in Sancheong), and Hadong (Hadong Tea Museum → A home of Choi Champan), and it explored industries, events, and cultural contents that Gyeongsangnam-do specializes in. Goyang CVB employees chose the fourth course (Hadong). At the Tea Museum, they crushed fermented tea leaves and dried them in the shape of a coin, and they also toured the set of Choi Champan’s home, which was the setting for Park Kyungni’s epic novel Toji.


△ Goyang Convention Bureau is making Don Tea  by steeping tea leaves at Hadong Wild Tea Museum

With this year’s event, APMBF has officially come to an end. But the MICE businesses that were showcased at APMBF will also be exhibiting at the Korea MICE Expo (KME) in November, so Goyang CVB should also get ready to gear up again!

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