GoyangCVB Newsletter - November Issue, 2022

30 Nov 2022
GoyangCVB Newsletter November
GoyangCVB Successfully Invites
USANA Asia Pacific Convention 2023!
After fiercely competing with other cities, Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau will be supporting the ‘USANA Asia Pacific Convention 2023’! The convention will be held at KINTEX, Goyang, for 3 days from May 4th to 6th, 2023, and we expect about 20,000 visitors, including foreigners from Asia Pacific regions, will be visiting KINTEXT in Goyang.
  As numerous domestic and international visitors will be coming to KINTEX, we expect the local economy and industry to be vitalized. Through this event, we will work hard to publicize Goyang Special City as an international MICE city and make this an opportunity to bring in business visitors on a large scale!
Goyang Destination Week 2022
Concludes Successfully
Goyang Destination Week 2022 (GDW 2022), hosted by Goyang City and organized by Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau for 4 days from August 23rd to 26th, 2022, was successfully concluded! GDW is Asia’s first international conference specializing in MICE destinations, and it was held under the topic of ‘Culture, Tourism, and City’ this year.
On day 1 of the event, there were the contest finals of the ‘1st Asia Pacific Business Event Youth Challenge.’ The 6 teams that passed the 1st preliminary round (5 Korean teams and 1 Malaysian team) were invited to the final contest, and the 3 final winning teams received trophies and certificates in the awards ceremony held during the opening ceremony on day 2 of the event.
 ‘International Destination Competitiveness Forum,’ which is the main event of Goyang Destination Week, was held on day 2 of the event. Following the opening ceremony, the keynote speech was given by Irina Bokova, the first female Secretary General of UNESCO, fitting to the topic of ‘Culture, Tourism, and City.’ Ambassador Kim Won-su, a former UN Deputy Secretary General, moderated the conversation with Kim Hyun-a, the representative of the Urban Regeneration Strategy Forum.
Also, the 4 sessions that are the critical part of the ‘International Destination Competitiveness Forum’ featured trendy topics and the best speakers and debaters in Korea and abroad.
On days 3 and 4 of the event, we co-hosted GDSM (Global Destination Sustainability Movement), a global MICE urban sustainability council, and the ‘GDS Asia Pacific Forum’ over the 2 days. About 50 CVB personnel from Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Hongkong participated in this event. Guy Bigwood, a person in charge of GDSM, and Jessica Vandy, an Asia Pacific changemaker, moderated the event, while Graham Happer, who oversaw PATA sustainability over several terms, made a speech.
  As such, despite the stagnant MICE industry after COVID-19, the event is expanding its size year after year, demonstrating the possibility of it becoming an event on a global scale outside of Korea. We hope that those in the related industry of urban marketing and MICE continue to support and participate in Goyang Destination Week so that it can become more influential next year!

2022 Goyang City MICE
Incubator Workshop Takes Place
The 2022 Goyang City MICE Incubator Workshop was held over 1 night and 2 days from September 30th to October 1st. The workshop featured a special networking program.
The core of the workshop took place at Incheon MICE Support Center. After visiting the center’s facilities, there was a separate time set for networking. The companies in Goyang & Incheon all gathered for cooperation among the MICE companies.
  Also, as we visited Incheon, we looked around Incheon’s MICE infrastructure. For this, we visited Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon, a unique venue and lodging facility with traditional Korean charms. We also went to Incheon Open Port street and China Town to look at Incheon’s history and culture.
  We accept new companies to the Incubator every June and December, so please look forward to it if you are a company interested in the MICE Incubator business or joining the center! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰
Graduation Ceremony of the 5th Class
of Goyang City Middle-aged MICE Experts
  On September 20th, GoyangCVB held thegraduation ceremony for the 5th class of the 2022 Goyang City Middle-aged MICE Experts. A total of 16 graduates attended the ceremony and wrapped up their activities as experts!
  The first stage of the ceremony was taken by Managing Director Peter Lee of GoyangCVB, and with Dora as the MC, we had time to look back on the activities of the 5th class of Goyang City Middle-aged MICE Experts in the past 4 months. Certificates of completion were awarded to the experts who have accumulated knowledge of MICE since June through various activities, and there was also a banquet on the rooftop of KINTEX by K-Tree hotel after the ceremony was over!
  Did you miss out on participating in the Middle-aged MICE Experts in 2022?
Those who would like to build up a new career in the MICE industry, who would like to get a job or start a business in the MICE industry, or who had a break in their career or retired – those who are interested can apply to Goyang City Middle-aged MICE Experts program. If you want to build a new career as a MICE expert, we encourage you to apply next year! ๐Ÿ˜ธ 

Pokemon GO Safari Zone :
Successfully held in Goyang!
 ‘Pokemon GO Safari Zone: Goyang,’ the first Pokemon GO offline event in Korea, was successfully held at Ilsan Lake Park in Goyang for 3 days from September 23rd to 25th! We estimate that about 30,000 people visited Ilsan Lake Park during the 3 days of the event, and the park was full of players who participated in Pokemon GO, a game that anyone, regardless of age and nationality, can enjoy.
  There is a special reason why ‘Pokemon GO Safari Zone: Goyang’ garnered even more attention! Various Pokemons were featured, including blue ‘Flabébé’ with the flower representing Goyang City, ‘Unown’ in the shapes of A, N, G, O, Y, and ‘Spritzee’ with different colors, which ignited the players’ desire to collect them.
The Pokemon GO event used Goyang City’s MICE infrastructure to demonstrate its charms and convenience as a MICE city. As it was a large-scale live event, we suspect it brought a considerable economic effect from the visitors who came to play the game. As Goyang City continues to grow as a MICE city, please look forward to the events that will be held in the future!
Goyang MICE Alliance 2nd Regular Meeting
On September 21st, the 2nd Regular Meeting was held for the Goyang MICE Alliances members. The meeting began with the opening remark of Secretary General Lee Sang-yeol of Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau, followed by assistant manager Yoon San’s presentation on Goyang MICE Alliance status and new member companies.
  What was noteworthy was that there has been a change in the operating rules of the Goyang MICE Alliance. In particular, the qualifications to maintain the membership were strengthened in hopes of active and continuous participation of the Goyang MICE Alliance members. As such, the membership may be revoked if there is no activity as an alliance member, so we expect the members to participate in events more proactively.
  Next, the attendees of the meeting watched the Center’s promotional video under the guidance of Team Leader Park Jun-su of YMCA Goyang International Youth Cultural Center and visited the YMCA center’s facilities outside the meeting room. They visited the youth center building used as MICE lodging, a big sports field, and various sports facilities within the center to look at the various spaces MICE attendees can utilize.
  Goyang MICE Alliance is activating communication with the members in such various projects, so we look forward to more MICE businesses being interested and joining us!

Goyang MICE Sustainability Campaign
Held with Active Participation
Starting from 2021, GoyangCVB has been holding the Sustainability Campaign to create a sustainable MICE environment and call for the practice and the need for sustainability in Goyang City overall.
We held the 2022 Goyang MICE Sustainability Campaign this year with the participation of Goyang MICE Alliance, MICE industry workers, and Goyang citizens. The campaign was held at the outdoor square in front of KINTEX 1 Hall 5 on October 7th, and it was successfully finished with about 200 participants!
  Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau holds the Sustainability Campaign every year to inform more people about the importance of sustainability and strive to practice it together. Please look forward as we strive in becoming the 'Sustainable MICE Capital of Korea, Goyang'.

Alliance Member Promotion

 ‘K-Tree Hotel X MONOPLEX’ is a premium cinema inside a hotel that screens the premieres for the first time in Korea. Located on the 2nd floor of the K-Tree hotel, it’s a private cinema with a total of 16 seats, all of which are reclining sofas with a table so that the audience can watch movies in the most convenient and cozy atmosphere.
Moreover, KINTEXT by K-Tree Hotel can be used as an event venue, so the cinema can be used in various ways. As it screens movie premieres, it is equipped with video and sound devices of the highest caliber, and the big screen of 4.8m by 2.8m compared to the space makes it a unique venue for the MICE industry workers to use it for a VIP product demonstration or business presentation. Especially, hotel’s customized F&B service (dining, beverages, alcoholic drinks, Coffee Break, etc.) are also available with prior consultation, so it would be a perfect space for team building or small gatherings.
  There are open event movie and rental discount events as well as various packages, so please visit and support ‘K-Tree Hotel X MONOPLEX’!

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