GoyangCVB Newsletter - July Issue, 2022

2 Aug 2022
GoyangCVB Newsletter July Issue
Goyang CVB Expanding Worldwide
Even Under COVID-19 Circumstances
This year, Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau participated in the ‘IMEX Frankfurt 2022’ and the ‘2022 Vietnam Korea MICE Road Show.’ We actively exchanged information and networked with international MICE organizations, such as ICCA, DI, and UIA, as well as the MICE industry workers, meow!

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Korea MICE Road Show was hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization. It was held in two cities – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City – from June 21st to June 24th to preoccupy the Vietnamese incentive and MICE market. Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau participated in this event and focused on incentive tours and business consultation for MICE event attractions with the major buyers in Vietnam. We will also participate in overseas fairs in the second half of the year. Please continue to support the worldwide activities of Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau, meow!
GDW 2022 Countdown &
Pre-registration Begins!
Goyang Destination Week 2022 (GDW 2022), hosted by Goyang City and organized by Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau, will be held at KINTEX Grand Ballroom for a total of 4 days from August 23rd to 26th. This year, it will hold the ‘Asia Pacific Business Event Youth Idea Contest’ for the first time in the Asia Pacific region, co-sponsored with ICCA and Korea MICE Association to grow talents in MICE, meow!

Celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, GDW 2022 will be held under the theme of ‘Culture, Tourism, and City.’ The keynote speaker at the International Destination Competitiveness Forum will be Irnina Bokova, who served as UNESCO’s first female Secretary General. Influential experts worldwide will give lectures and lead panel discussions on various topics, including the future of digital MICE, K-entertainment, the future of the tourism industry, and destination marketing after the pandemic. 
What is the Asia Pacific Business Event Youth Challenge?
  Announcing the beginning of the Goyang Destination Week 2022, this challenge is an idea contest designed to foster and give opportunities to work in the MICE industry to promising youth in the Asia Pacific region. Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau has been planning for the contest with ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) and Korea MICE Association starting earlier this year. It is of keen interest whether we can create a platform where youths can start in the MICE industry in collaboration with domestic and international MICE organizations. Isn’t your blood getting hotter?
The Renewal of Goyang MICE Incubator!
Goyang MICE Incubatoris Korea’s first MICE company incubation space for creating the MICE industry ecosystem unique to Goyang City. It is now equipped with a shared office of 9 independent rooms and 20 shared seats, 3 meeting rooms, and a lounge, featuring more spacious and comfortable spaces. As of July 2022, a total of 17 companies have moved in! On July 12th, Goyang MICE Incubator’s 2nd Regular Training was held in the large meeting room to introduce the newly moved in companies and the operational regulations for networking.
  Goyang MICE Incubator aims to create a virtuous cycle of the Goyang MICE ecosystem by strengthening the cooperation between MICE-related businesses and activating the GCC Goyang(Global Convention Complex, Goyang), and we are already playing a pivotal role in growing the human resources for the MICE industry in Goyang. There will be another regular recruitment of the Incubator this December, so please stay tuned. More details on Goyang MICE Incubator can be found on the GCC Goyang website, meow!
The 5th Middle-Aged MICE Experts Highlight
  Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau has already recruited and trained the 5th class of middle-aged MICE experts this year. The 16 members of the 5th class were selected after fierce competition and had their launching ceremony on June 15th. The ceremony consisted of a welcome speech by Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Secretary General Lee Sang-yeol, an appointment ceremony and providing activity kits, the program orientation, and a meeting with the graduates of the 2nd and 3rd classes, meow!
  After the launching ceremony, they have taken theoretical training on the MICE industry over 9 classes and 5 weeks (June 16 ~ July 12). The classes ranged from the training where they could learn the basics of the MICE industry, such as convention center, exhibition, and event planning, to the lecture on increasing the understanding of the practice within the MICE events. They included educational content, such as basic practices of registration, lodging, and field operation (operator) and VIP protocol operation, as well as CPR training for event crisis management and self-PR. The useful and meaningful classes led to satisfactory training sessions, meow!
  After the MICE industry training and special lectures were over, there were 2 kinds of consulting opportunities provided just for the 5th Goyang MICE experts. Through 1:1 employment and startup consulting or image consulting with expert consultants, the middle-aged members explored the MICE field and sought ways to enter their desired field! The completion ceremony for the 5th class is scheduled for September, and there are events left, such as photo shooting for resume, participating in Goyang Destination Week 2022, and exploring Goyang City. Please continue to support the 5th Goyang Middle-Aged MICE Experts with their future challenges and activities, meow!
Introducing the new Chairman of Goyang CVB
Goyang City Mayor Lee Dong-hwan
Goyang CVB is an institution related to Goyang City, and the Mayor of Goyang Special City serves as the chairman. Through the 8th Local Elections in 2022, Mayor Lee Dong-hwan was elected the Mayor of Goyang Special City and inaugurated as the new chairman of GoyangCVB. The expectation for Chairman Lee is high because he pledged to activate the MICE industry. From a perspective of a Ph.D. in Urban Engineering, he shared his will to build Goyang City’s MICE industry infrastructure and global Hallyu base.
※ What is Goyang Special City?
Goyang City has been launched as a Special City! To become a Special City, it must meet the condition of a large city of more than a million population. In fact, the moment Goyang City surpassed 1 million in population was 2014. However, there is no more promotion to a metropolitan city as Ulsan’s promotion was the last, so the administrative name of Special City will be given with the semi-metropolitan status to a big city with a population of 1 million. As such, as of January 2022, Goyang City became Goyang Special City which maintains the status of a primary self-governing city but is provided with differentiated legal status, name, and administrative and financial discretions that are suitable for a metropolitan city.
Goyang Special City MICE Industry
Revitalization Discussion
To revitalize Goyang Special City’s MICE industry, a discussion was held at the Goyang Special City Ilsanseo-gu Office auditorium, hosted by Goyang City and sponsored by Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau and Goyang Research Institute. Goyang Special City’s City Council Chairman Kim Yeong-sik, MICE Industry Standing Committee and Environmental Economy Committee Chairman Sohn Dong-suk, and Goyang Tourism Council Chairman and Provincial Assembly member Oh Jun-hwan attended the discussion, as well as other city and province council members, Goyang Special City’s MICE-related public workers, Goyang Research Institute’s Director, Goyang MICE Alliance members’ CEOs, Goyang MICE middle-aged operational members, and citizens, filling up the auditorium. The discussion was held in the form of presenting two topics and discussing each. The first topic was “Measures for Revitalizing the Goyang International Conference Complex” and was presented by Goyang Research Institute’s associate researcher Kim Eun-jin. After that, a multi-dimensional discussion continued, moderated by Yun Yu-sik, President of the Korea MICE Tourism Society, and participated by Associate Researcher Kim, Kim Min-hye Tourism Marketing Department Head of Incheon Tourism Organization, Oh Jun-hwan Gyeonggi-do Provincial Assembly member, and Professor Lee Byeong-cheol of Gyeonggi University.
  Next, there was a presentation by Kim Bong-seok, the head of the Korea Association of Trade Exhibition Studies, under the topic of “The Change in the Exhibition Industry and KINTEX’s Role and Challenges.” The discussion that followed was moderated by President Hwang Hee-gon of the Korean Society of Association Executives and participated by the presenter Kim Bong-seok, CEO Lee Hyeong-ju of VM Consulting, MICE Industry Standing Committee and Environmental Economy Committee Chairman Sohn Dong-suk, and Department Head Park Hee-seung of Association of Korean Exhibition Industries. They debated the challenges that KINTEX needs to solve to develop into a world-class exhibition convention center in the endemic era. It was a time that we could discuss the methods of more effectively utilizing the MICE infrastructure of Goyang City, seek ways to continuously develop the MICE industry and play the role of an international MICE city, and discuss the related topics in depth. Goyang City continues to grow as “Asia Leading MICE Destination’ - please continue to support us!
Goyang MICE Alliance Participates in
a Heated 
Team-Building Program
Celebrating Jungbok on July 26th, Goyang MICE Alliance ran a special team-building program. A total of 9 alliances participated in this community service activity, and they provided samgyetang to 180 underprivileged, elderly people aged 60 or older who are living in Goyang City. Despite the hot weather of over 30 degrees Celcius, the Goyang MICE Alliance promoted social values through community service that increased communication with the local community, meow!
  Moreover, it was much more meaningful than simple community service. Based on the voluntary participation of the members of the Goyang MICE Alliance, the members fostered teamwork and friendship among themselves. They increased the sense of belonging to the Alliance and created an environment where they could cooperate! Consisting of 75 member companies as of July, Goyang MICE Alliance has built MICE-specialized cooperative relationships with local administrative organizations, exhibition convention centers, MICE service, and hotels. Please look forward to the ESG practice of Goyang MICE Alliance as they promote various programs through a public-private partnership network.
Custom Goyang City Tour with City Tour Bus
Goyang City Tour is a local tour program that conveniently and safely introduces a day of charming Goyang in a bus. With the slogan, “the center city of the future with history and culture that thinks of nature and environment,” the program re-branded in 2021 with a renewed 35-seater bus and two 16-seater buses. The Goyang City Tour expert guides are composed of Goyang citizens with tour interpreter licenses by language (English, Chinese, Japanese), and they are responsible for guiding the participants from the beginning to the end, meow!

Goyang City Tour has a regular course with a different program for each day of the week and a special course by season, related to festivals and events, and for groups. The regular program operates from Tuesday to Sunday. Please note that the bus will only be in operation if there is a reserved passenger the day before. Recently, there have been themed tours, such as K-historical drama, ecotourism, and historical tours. Wait! If a group of 10 or more joins Goyang City Tour, you can designate a course you want. Please check out Goyang City Tour, meow! Go make a reservation right now!

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