GoyangCVB Newsletter - February Issue, 2022

25 Feb 2022
Goyang MICE Support Program 2022
February #2022-01
Goyang MICE Support Program 2022
 Q: What is Goyang MICE Support Program 2022?

GoyangCVB announced the「Goyang MICE Support Program 2022」to attract and host MICE events in Goyang, associated with industries and businesses strategically specialized for Goyang City. There are three categories under the support program: bidding, promoting, and hosting. International conference, domestic conferences, corporate meetings & incentive traveling, international events, and exhibitions are eligible to apply. 
 Q: What is Different from Last Year's Program?

GoyangCVB eased the eligibility standardandincreased the supporting amount in order to encourage the MICE industry from the lengthened situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, there are more supporting areas compared to last year. This is indeed good news for Goyang MICE applicants. Let's find out what changes we have this year!
 Q: What Makes Our Support Program Unique?

GoyangCVB provides differentiated services through the Goyang MICE Support Program. Since 2020, we have strived to digitalize the application process by quantifying the evaluation standards within our online system and thus able to transparentlyperform the evaluation. In addition, we enhanced the convenience of the applicants through removing the hassle of sending applications via e-mail😸

Now, applications regarding the exhibition category can be filed anytime through the Goyang MICE Support Program Application System. With the new update, we solved the hassle experienced by previous applicants. By computerizing the application process and evalutation standards, you can now apply easily and quickly!
 Q: What are Things to Consider for Application?

Here are the essential information to note for the Goyang MICE Support Program. All applicants must understand the following instructions in order to receive our support program. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our MICE Events Manager(+82-31-927-9924) in GoyangCVB💌
 Q: How to Apply for the Goyang MICE Support Program?

Now that you have understood theGoyang MICE Support Program 2022」let's find out how to apply! 
□ Process of Application
□ How to Apply
  • Application Period: Feb. 2022 ~ Nov. 2022
    ※ Online Application System Accessible 24/7
  • Registration Period: Must begin the registration at least 1 month
    prior to the respective bidding · promotion · hosting stage
  • Applicants: Domestic Host Organizations(Academy · Assocations, Corporations, Organizations and Etc.), Professional Agencies(PCO, PEO and Etc.)
  • Application Platform: Goyang MICE Support Program Application System(
  • Result Announcement: Official Letter will be forwarded upon internal evaluation

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