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Haengjusansung Sunrise Festival

The fun-filled festival to greet the first rising sun of new year is held annually at Haengjusanseong(Fortress). The top of Haengjusansung(Fortress) due to its excellent view is regarded as the most ideal place to enjoy the first sunrise of New year.

Date : Every January 1
Venue : Peak of Haengjusanseong(Fortress)
Tel : +82-31-8075-4642

Goyang Haengju cultural Festival

Marking the victory in the Great Battle of Haengju and commemorating Gen. Gown Yul and other patriots, the festival consists of a street parade of a traditional military band and various other events, including fireworks and traditional art performances.

Date : Every April ~ May
Venue : Haengjusanseeong(Fortress), Goyang Oulimnuri and Hwajeong Culture Street
Tel : +82-31-960-9717~8

Goyang international Flower Exhibition

Goyang, a city of flowers, holds a flower fair in the end of April every year, attended by a lot of domestic and foreign flower growers, displaying a diversity of flowers. It attracts about one million tourists, establishing itself as the best flower fair in Korea by providing an arena in which to trade flowers as well as by giving more increase to flower growers and acting as a stimulus for flower exports.

Date : Every April ~ May
Venue : Lake Park
Tel : +82-908-7750~4

Goyang Lake Art Festival

Goyang Lake Art Festival is an annual international street arts festival which presents various performances such as theater, dance, mime and music. It unfolds at the entire downtown area centering on Goyang Lake park in early October of every year and adds to life`s pleasures.

Date : Every October
Venue : Areas of Lake Park and Hosu-ro Road
Tel : +82-31-960-9717~8

Rose Festival

The Rose Festival, held every June at the Lake Park, proudly presents a splendid display of roses, one of the most popular types of flowers in the world and also the official city flower of Goyang. Spread across 3.2 different varieties greet the visitors who can enjoy a variety of programs to see and experience at the festival, which opens right at the time of the blossoming of roses. A small, circular fountain and a tunnel surrounded and adorned by thousands of roses are popular spots to take beautiful pictures. Also, during the festival, several cultural art concerts are performed throughout the Lake Park, making it a great place for a picnic.

Date : Every June
Venue : Lake Park
Tel : +82-31-909-9000

Goyang Autumn Flower Festival

It is now known as the representative festival in Goyang during the fall. A number of visitors come to this festival to enjoy indoor exhibitions, stage performances and other events. At the same time, you may enjoy Goyang Lake Park Arts Festival, Goyang Global Product Exhibition, Goyang Furniture Exhibition and Korean Makgeolli Festival held during the same period.

Date : Every September ~ October
Venue : Lake Park
Tel : +82-31-908-7750~4

Goyang Healthy Well-being Food Festival

An event to promote Goyang`s healthy cuisines, the festival is packed with various fun event, including a cooking competition, that satisfy everyone`s taste.

Date : Every May, October
Tel : +82-31-8075-3316

Korean Makgeolli Festival

You can taste many types of makgeolli charmed the taste buds of people from all around the world. Enjoy free tasting sessions and taste all makgeolli from all parts of Korea. Selection your favorite makgeolli is fun, so is tasting local side dishes along with makgeolli.

Date : Every October
Venue : Ilsan Munhwa Park, Janghang-dong
Tel : +82-31-967-3131

Goyang Ecological Park

The Park with a new concept was established in Goyang City to spread ecological ideas. It is an attempt to recycle neglected areas in the city into ecologically sound ones in which people can coexist with Nature. It is under ecofriendly control, without using any chemicals killing insects. It is an arena of education in which citizens can observe and experience forms of life.

Venue : 315, Daehwa-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si
Tel : +82-31-924-7341~2

Kimchi School

In Kimchi School for foreigners, you can make and take your own kimchi, and take pictures in a photo zone wearing all kinds of traditional outfit. With all kinds of souvenirs lined up, Kimchi School is recognized as a must-try tour course for foreigners.

Venue : 6. 62beon-gil, Jungang-ro, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si
Tel : +82-2-308-9688

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