What it means to be sustainable

Sustainable development is defined as an approach to seeking profits without compromising the ability of future generations in order to meet their own needs by considering the environmental and social impact.

The background of GoyangCVB’s sustainability project

When Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau(GoyangCVB) was launched, the city had a weak brand image as a MICE destination. Due to a fierce competition with our neighboring metropolitan cities such as Seoul and Incheon, we needed to build a unique brand image and gain a competitive advantage. Subsequently, we chose the keyword ‘sustainability’. GoyangCVB realized the necessity of sustainability and started to conduct related projects earlier than other Destination Marketing Organizations(DMOs) in Korea, taking one step further to lead the sustainability movement in the country. We made our brand image as ‘Sustainable MICE Capital of Korea, Goyang’, and became the first in Korea to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-I) in 2017 to be evaluated for our activities in environment, society, MICE infrastructure, and DMO each year. In addition, we have designed sustainability strategies and appointed experts in each area with whom we discuss our future directions.


Awarded the Green MICE award for the first time in Korea at the 2019 Korea MICE Expo(KME)

In 2019, GoyangCVB decorated its promotion booth with reusable paper at the Korea MICE Expo(KME), for which we were granted the Green Mice Award for the first time in Korea. This served as a great opportunity to advertise our brand image as a ‘Sustainable MICE Capital of Korea, Goyang’.

Provided a keynote speech and training session of the necessity for the MICE industry to act sustainably at Goyang Destination Week(GDW) 2019

In celebration for the 3rd anniversary of GDW, which is a MICE event focused on MICE destination, GoyangCVB invited Guy Bigwood, managing director of the Global Destination Sustainability Movement(GDSM) and a sustainability expert, for the keynote speech on future sustainability efforts of the MICE industry. GoyangCVB also offered a training workshop for citizens and MICE workers on what it means to be sustainable and the need to act accordingly. Since sustainability has been a global issue, both sessions attracted attention from a lot of people.

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