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Wagyu House
17-1, 43 Anygol-gil, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do
Phone number
Up to 50 cars
The largest beef sirloin restaurant in Korea, Wagyu House is famous for not only its wide and pleasant interior but also a
banquet setting that offers numerous special menu options. Located inside Ilsan Anygol, Wagyu House offers dishes
made with wagyu (beef sirloin), the part of the cow most beloved by gourmands around the world, and settings for
special events. Owing to the appeal of its tender, mouth-watering beef, it is a popular celebrity haunt. Along with the
inside dining spaces, there is also an outdoor garden decorated with sculptures and a café where guests may enjoy some
dessert after their meal.
Wagyu House has a maximum capacity of 300 people with a range of room options, from small rooms to large rooms that accommodate up to 150 people.
Special Features
Guests may choose dishes made from 14 different cuts of beef, including ribs, short ribs, and top blade, and there are other options available as well, including steak, mulhoe (cold sashimi soup), and buckwheat noodles with beef.