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300 Hallyu World-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do
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Onemount, the best playground on Earth, is one of Goyangs newest landmarks. If you are planning an unforgettable
and unique event, this is a venue that you absolutely must consider. With a vast shopping mall and sports center, it is a
completely new type of cultural space. snow park, which is the worlds first theme park based on snow and ice, imitates
the style of a Northern European village. With such facilities, visitors can enjoy both summer and winter in this space all
year round. It is also a perfect location for marketing, due to the presence of global SPA brands and trendy shops that
are always packed with customers, which is why numerous shows, events, and cultural events are held throughout the
year in almost every corner of Onemount. All facilities, including water park and snow park, may be rented for event
purposes, with Onemount providing as much support as possible; all organizers need is a creative idea.
Type Name Location Note Major Events
Shopping Mall Event Plaza Outdoor (1F) Excluding stage Launch promotions, new product/car release presentation,
VIP parties/concerts, exhibitions, sales promotions, etc
Event Stage Outdoor (1F) Equipment usage fee
charged seperately
Park Plaza Outdoor (1F)
Park Lobby Indoor (1F) Entrance gate for theme
park guests
Grass Plaza Outdoor (1F) Excluding grassy areas
Cafe Street Outdoor (1F) Some areas may be off-limits (becuase it is a public space)
Entry Plaza Outdoor (1F)
Theme Park Roof Garden Outdoor (5F) Screen fee changed
Megabox movie system
Water Park Indoor/Outdoor (7F) Theme park rental fee
is negotiable
Cost of theme park equipment usage is
Snow Park Indoor (1-4F)
Special Features
Various concept-based events can be held here, including a poolside party at the water park or a movie screening in the snow parks rooftop garden, which is equipped with a Megabox screening system. Upon prior negotiation, banquets may be held as well, and there are many spaces available that can be adapted to any type of event that you choose.