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60 Taegeuk-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do
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A building with a spectacular presence is the Bitmaru Broadcast Support Center. After opening its doors in December
2013, its main function is the support of broadcasting production, but the studios and seminar and meeting rooms
located throughout the buildings 24 floors make it a great place for a MICE event. Its biggest advantage is its capability
of hosting a particularly wide variety of events. With three sizes of studios, small meeting rooms, and a loft garden for
outdoor banquets, the building provides a one-stop solution. There is no better place for an organizer conducting
several programs at once or planning an event related to a broadcasting production. Given the fact that a considerable
amount of heavy equipment is used to produce a television program, the convenience of the Centers loading and
unloading area for cargo vehicles is another notable advantage.
Name Location Area() No. Capacity
(no. of people)
Facilities and equipment
Large conference room 7F 661 1 30 Beam projector, microphone
Seminar room 8F 1 105 Beam projector, lighting, simultaneous
interpretation equipment, recording equipment,
wired/wireless microphone
Studio (large) 2F 1,652 1 7 cameras
Studio (med) 4F 991 1 7 cameras
Studio (small) 495 4 5 cameras
Virtual studio 495 1 4 cameras
Special Features
Each lobby is wide enough to hold a banquet, but if you would like to hold a special banquet, the 991.7 outdoor garden provides a beautiful aerial view of the city of Goyang. Outside catering is an option, and the cargo elevators located right next to each studio make it much easier to organize and arrange the settings.