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Goyang Flower Exhibition Center
595 Hosu-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do
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General Affairs Team
The most beautiful description of Goyang is probably the city of flowers. The reason behind the citys reputation as the
city of flowers is the Goyang International Flower Foundation, which was launched in 1997. The Foundation was
established with a budget of KRW 9.8 billion for the purpose of holding related exhibitions and commemorating the
success of the Goyang Flower Festival. It hosts a number of exhibitions, conventions, international conferences, and
cultural events year-round. The biggest advantage of the Goyang Flower Exhibition Center is its wealth of outdoor and
indoor facilities. As organizers are free to use the outdoor theme parks within the grounds of the nearby Lake Park, it is
possible to hold a wide variety of events. Because it is used to host a variety of different events, the venue is well-
equipped with supplementary facilities (a seminar room for academic conferences and press center). Also, the botanical
garden inside Lake Park is a popular attraction, after which visitors can enjoy a relaxing walk through the park.
Type Area()
Exhibitions and Events Indoors Exhibition Hall 1 772
Exhibition Hall 2 1,841
Exhibition Hall 3 1,059
Outdoors Area 1 4,500
Area 2 4,100
Press Center 191
Seminar Room 254 (150 seats)
Special Features
New Hallyu Experience Center
A Hallyu content promotion center located on the second floor of the Goyang Flower Exhibition Center, the New Hallyu Experience Center houses a 3D theater and booths on television dramas filmed in Goyang, movies, and K-pop. Souvenirs are also available for purchase.
Goyang 600th Anniversary Hall
Located right next to the Goyang Flower E xhibition C enter, the G oyang 6 0 0 th Anniversary Hall has a cutting-edge video system and other types of digital equipment. the Hall displays the 600-year history, the present and the future of Goyang.